Lena-Tibati-Ngatt Road a Part of National Road No.15 Delivered

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Recently, the Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi took part in the partial delivery of the 167.22km Lena-Tibati-Ngatt road stretch which is a part of the National Road No.15 (Batchenga-Ngaoundéré) that connects the Central area to Adamaoua’s Ngaoundéré.

XAF73.4 billion was spent on the Lena-Tibati-Ngatt road stretch. Its provisional approval follows the completion of the 21.3-kilometer Batchenga-Ntui section, which cost XAF34.52 billion and was completed in December 2020. It also follows the completion of the Yoko-Léna stretch (45.241 km) in February 2020, which cost XAF23.39 billion.

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233.7 kilometers of road sections along the Batchenga-Ngaoundéré road completed, including the Lena-Tibati-Ngatt Road  

On the Batchenga-Ngaoundéré corridor, a total of 233.7 kilometers of road sections have been completed while various road sections totaling 78.8 kilometers are still under construction.

Lot 2 A Ntui-Ndjolé (60 km) comprising 73 km of community roads and Lot 2 B Ndjolé-Mankim (36.7 km) were assigned to China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation (CR20) in late 2021 to complete. The Chinese company is ready to resume the construction works which were withdrawn from Portuguese firm Elevolution Engenheria SA (Elevo).

Elevo is currently constructing the 82.10 km Mankim-Yoko stretch for a total cost of XAF46.14 billion, with the consortium Cira S.A./Bec la Routière serving as a technical supervisor.

Cameroon-islamic Development Bank and European Union funding

The government is considering mobilizing joint State of Cameroon Islamic Development Bank and the European Union funding to construct the Batchenga-Ngaoundéré route. According to the Ministry of Public Works, the Ngatt-Ngaoundéré stretch (185 km) must be paved to complete the Batchenga-Ngaoundéré corridor.

The Batchenga-Ntui-Yoko-Tibati-Ngaoundéré road, according to the Ministry of Public Works, is a key north-south trade route connecting the capital Yaoundé to the Centre, the South, Adamaoua, the North, and the far North. It will also allow access to various cities and villages via a network of runways connected to the highway.