Masetjaba Reservoir Project Nears Completion

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The Masetjaba reservoir project is complete, while the water tower and pump stations are 78% and 74% complete, respectively. The mayor of Ekurhuleni, Zweli Dlamini, recently made this announcement during the project’s progress report.

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The project was begun in 2019 by the City of Ekurhuleni with the objective of expanding the average water storage capacity from 24 to 36 hours by June 2022. The building of the Masetjaba Reservoir will assist Kwatsaduza residents.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura and City of Ekurhuleni Mayor Clr Mzwandile Masina visited the Masetjaba reservoir project site on Tuesday as part of their service delivery inspection. They also visited the under-construction swimming pool project and the Duduza Hall Vaccination Site.

According to Dlamini, about 29 reservoirs are being constructed inside Ekurhuleni. These are all in various stages of development, with some having completed final testing and others having already been turned over to the city.

On the 2nd of December, 2019, the Masetjaba Reservoir and Tower construction site was handed over to the contractor. The reservoir’s construction will help the residents and businesses of Ward 87 in Tsakani.

In addition, the Masetjaba reservoir project will provide water to a new zone that will include future projects as well as a small portion of the existing network that the Zulu Water Tower now serves.

The new zone is located on Brakpan’s southern boundary, and the following future developments are planned within the zonal boundary: Tsakani 87, Tsakani 86A, Tsakani 86B, Tsakani X.

The contract value is R113 million on this site, and the entire construction progress is reported to be 87%.

The city’s spokesperson also said that eight SMMEs contributed services to this development, such as earthworks, security, steel-fixing, tower crane erection, sealing, and steel-manufacturing goods.

Hlokza Trading, Blast Quest, Diamond Towers Security, Performance Wire, Crane Hoist Equipment, Indelela, Quagga Engineering, and Yorkhart are among the small and medium-sized businesses that will profit from the reservoir and tower’s development.