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Mauritius launches Third Lane Near Jin Fei Roundabout

The government of Mauritius has launched the Third Lane Near Jin Fei Roundabout constructed along Motorway M2 between Roche Bois Roundabout and Jin Fei Roundabout.

The project which was awarded to Gamma Construction Ltd at a tune of US $9.2m has a width of 4metres with hard shoulder of approximately 3.1 Kilometres on each side of Motorway M2. The Road Development Authority (RDA) conducted the design and the supervision of the project.

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Third Lane Near Jin Fei Roundabout

Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha who performed the inauguration ceremony noted that the road will be dedicated to heavy vehicles which will contribute effectively to traffic decongestion in the northern region, enabling more fluidity of vehicles on the Motorway.

Additionally the road will increase the capacity of the Motorway while simultaneously providing a safe corridor for port traffic to Jin Fei and vice versa. Several innovations have been included in the project such as demarcated lane use, traffic signage and LED street lighting.

The project which was reported as one of its kind, and also built to meet international standards, to be accident free is installed with several innovations such as demarcated lane use, The RDA, the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit, and the GDS, which is an international Consultant, have worked in collaboration as regards traffic signs which are fixed on a pilot basis along Motorway M2 from Jin Fei Roundabout to Roche-Bois Roundabout both north and south bounds. The traffic signs conform to the VIENNA Convention.

The Minister said that centralized street lightings have been provided on the Baie-du-Tombeau Roundabout and Riche-Terre Roundabout for better luminosity and visibility at night. Meanwhile Motorway M3 Terre-Rouge/Verdun-Trianon road is also set to launched




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