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Multi-million dollars cancer hospital and oncology school to be set up in Kenya

A multi-million dollars cancer hospital and oncology school is set to be constructed in Kenya after an agreement between Kenya and India is fully implemented. This initiative will eventually reduce cases of ailing Kenyans traveling to India for treatment.

According to Health Principal Secretary Julius Korir, the two countries are about to conclude and sign the agreement. The deal worth over US$ 20m is that which President Uhuru Kenyatta and Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi signed two years ago.

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About 20,000 visa applications are received by the High Commission from Kenyans seeking specialized cancer, health treatment, kidney transplant and surgeries in India.

This will come as a relief for Kenyans since the hospital is expected to address this need by providing highly trained and experienced medics at an affordable cost locally.

According to a report-National Cancer Control Strategy 2017- 2022, cancer is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide with approximately 14 million new cases diagnosed in 2012. In Kenya, cancer is the 3rd leading cause of death after infectious and cardiovascular diseases. In 2012, there were an estimated 37,000 new cancer cases and 28,500 cancer deaths in Kenya.

The new hospital will offer a wide range of services related to cancer treatment, screening, palliative care among others.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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