Namibia set to construct gravel roads

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Namibia is set to construct additional gravel roads in several villages in a bid to reach its target of bettering transportation goal.

The roads, which are set to be built in Omusati region, have been welcomed by the area residents who are happy for the region’s development.

The construction of new roads is part of the Namibian government efforts to correct the wrongs of the past by providing adequate and sustainable transport infrastructure.

A stretch of 14.5 km of DR 3635 from Okahao to Amwaanda was constructed earlier while the remaining distance, from Amaanda to Omutambogwomawe, is approximately 50.6 km.
Brandberg Construction is the main contractor and will be assisted by a number of local SMEs.
Residents, who turned up in big numbers, have expressed happiness about the new road.

The residents Okeeholongo village in the Omusati district, said the development will be beneficial since the current roads are not well serviced.

Councillor of Okahao constituency has appealed to communities to cooperate and support the contractors and consultants during the construction period to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Isai Kapenambili said villages from places such as Iitapa, Okiizimba, Okeeholongo and Olumpelengwa will benefit from construction of the roads that would serve as communication and administrative links to other towns. The new roads will also offer access to businesses and residential developments in the area.

According to Local Economic Development and Tourism officer at Okahao Town Council Onesmus Shigwedha, the council will use a total of about N$5.6 million in the construction of the roads.