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Namibia’s Hosea Kutako Airport Upgrade Is Nearing Completion

Namibia Hosea Kutako Airport Upgrade is nearing completion. Airports Company (NAC) spokesperson Dan Kamati has announced that rehabilitation work will be finished shortly. This, according to sources, will give the country’s tourism business a new face.

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The country’s main international airport is Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital.

According to Xinhua, Kamati stated that the true completion date for the congestion reduction project is September 30, 2021. According to a NAC spokeswoman, the country’s major airport is being expanded to match international standards set by other airport terminals worldwide. He said that the airport extension will help improve the country’s image among visitors at a time when tourism is suffering because of the COVID epidemic.

According to the Nambian, the Hosea Kutako Airport Upgrade will include specialised equipment such as luggage handling and baggage claims and will be authorised and operationalised by the end of next month. The proposal also involves developing terminal facilities for domestic, VIP, and VVIP planes. Nexus Contractors is working on this project with other 100% Namibian-owned subcontracting and consulting firms.

The NAC has contributed around N$95 million to the construction budget, with the remainder coming from the national government. The project aimed to triple the airport’s processing capacity in order to manage growing passenger volume. An extra 18 check-in desks and five self-service check-in kiosks will be installed, as will departure security checkpoint stations and baggage reclamation facilities.

According to the Namibian, the project also includes expanding the departure lounge and increasing the number of departure immigration offices from three to seven to handle increased passenger traffic at the airport. Arrivals will benefit from a redesigned departure lounge with more moving room and 17 immigration desks, up from the existing eight.

The baggage reclaims corridor will be extended, and three additional conveyor belts will be added, increasing the total number of conveyor belts to five. According to Dan Kamati, nearly four airlines have expressed interest in restarting flights to Windhoek.

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