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The Auas-Gerus transmission line project update was recently revealed by NamPower. The cooperation stated that the construction is going well and is on track to be completed in the middle of 2023.

In a statement, the power utility said that route clearance, which involves de-bushing and clearing farmland, had been completed entirely and that work on the tower foundations was almost done. Out of the 566 towers on the line, 359 of them have had their transmission tower construction completed.

The conductor for electrical power transmission is currently being connected between the towers by the assigned contractor, Power Line Africa

Delay and the bright side of the project 

The manufacturing and delivery of the transmission towers and conductor materials was a major challenge. This was due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent international lockdowns, hyperinflation, and overall materials shortages and delays. As result, the project was delayed for a period of six months.

However, NamPower claimed it was pleased that most of the project’s N$629 million value was kept and spent in Namibia. This is with the exclusion of a few materials that couldn’t be obtained locally or imported. Over 150 Namibians are currently working on the project for the Namibian contractor, Power Line Africa.

The contractor also had an excellent safety record, according to the company, with no severe injuries reported yet. 

An overview of the NamPower Auas-Gerus transmission line

NamPower Auas-Gerus transmission line is a 400 kV power line that is approximately 287km long. The line starts from the Kokerboom substation near Keetmanshoop to the Auas substation near Dordabis.

The route of the line will pass through the districts of Homas and Otjozondzhupa. The alignment of the line is expected to cross the B6 road to the west of Hosea Kutako International Airport, as well as the B1 south of Otjiwarongo and the C38 between Otjiwarongo and Outjo.

The line is said to be a much-needed bridge to help secure the supply of electricity to Namibia in the future and to open up opportunities for selling power to the Southern African Power Pool.

The project’s developer 

The works are spearheaded by the Namibia Power Corporation, commonly known as NamPower. The corporation is the national electric power utility company of Namibia. It is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in South Africa country.

Currently, NamPower owns a transmission system and network of between 132 kV and 400 kV of overhead power lines. The line spans a distance of more than 25 000 km making them one of the longest in the world enough to circle a continent.

According to NamPower, the national grid has been home-grown designed, and largely built by Namibians. Moreover, the company noted that continuous investments are being made to strengthen and keep it in a superior condition. This will go a long way to ensure an efficient and effective network with minimum disruption.

The Auas-Gerus transmission line is part of NamPower’s investment in expanding its 400kV transmission infrastructure by more than 800km.

April 2021

NamPower awards US $40.3m tender for Auas-Gerus transmission line project

Namibia’s power utility, NamPower has awarded Power Line Africa a US $40.3m tender to design and construct the Auas-Gerus transmission line project. The Auas-Gerus transmission line project contract period stretches over 18 months. Existing transmission power lines will remain operational during this period and into the future.

The awarding of the tender was announced by the Central Procurement Board of Namibia (CPBN). According to the award notification, the multimillion-dollar contract only attracted five companies.

This included Power Line Africa, Optipower (a division of Murray and Roberts Limited), Transrail Lighting Limited, Norinco International Corporation Limited, as well as a joint venture between Sinohydro Corporation Limited and Adaptive Building Land Construction CC.

Three of the five companies reportedly made it to the last stage, which then saw Power Africa ahead of China-backed Synohydro-Adaptive Building JV and Norinco.

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Sep 20121

Construction of the Auas-Gerus transmission line project in Namibia begins

Construction works have commenced on the Construction of the Auas-Gerus transmission line project in Namibia. The country’s power utility, NamPower, announced and said the project is critical in ensuring that it keeps pace with the country’s evolving electricity needs.

Power Line Africa was awarded the US $40.3M tender to design and construct the project, with the expected completion date set for November 2022. The company will be using the lightweight cross-rope suspension tower primarily with the conductors in a compact delta configuration in the construction phase.

NamPower spokesman Tangeni Kambangula said the power line would help the company ensure a sustainable power supply and a lower tariff plan that will support economic growth and maintain the company’s financial sustainability.

“This line will allow the utility to serve more customers through access to its existing independent electricity producers and prospective solar, wind, biomass, hydro among and other generation plants, thereby enhancing access to clean energy in the country,” said Kambangula.

“The tower to be used uses less steel and blends into the surroundings with the aim to minimize environmental impact, as well as reduce pollution,” Kambangula explained.