New WakeMed psychiatric hospital proposed in North Carolina

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A new  WakeMed psychiatric hospital, which will likely be located in east Wake County, North Carolina has been proposed by WakeMed executives. Recently, they requested permission to build a facility with 150 mental health beds and another with 45 acute care beds.

Two Certificates of Need (CON) have been filed with the state, with regards to these developments. Previously, WakeMed received 50 psychiatric beds from the state, but now the new CON filing is requesting for 100 more.

WakeMed Health’s CEO Donald Gintzig mentioned that after the pandemic it became clear that a 50-bed mental health hospital wasn’t enough. He explained that due to the increased stress levels during the pandemic, people saw mental health  differently. Gintzig further stated that  building a new WakeMed psychiatric hospital was necessary to support the growing population in the region.

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Development plans and timeline for WakeMed psychiatric hospital

Construction costs for the WakeMed psychiatric hospital are estimated at $142 million and it’s expected to employ about 260 people. Whereas, the 45-bed WakedMed hospital in Garner will cost about $214 million, inclusive of the land. If the state grants the CON, both projects are likely to break ground by fall 2024, and reach completion in 2027.

The 150-bed WakeMed psychiatric hospital is expected to feature separate units for adolescents, young adults, adults and patients older than 65. Although a site is yet to be chosen for this health facility. On the other hand, the 45-bed WakeMed site is located at the corner of White Oak Road and Timber Drive, Garner. Plans for this facility  include two operating rooms and a full-service emergency department with 24 beds.

At present, WakeMed operates WakeMed Garner Healthplex, which is a 12-bed emergency unit located off U.S. 70.  If the state approves, operations will be moved from there to the new hospital, which will have 24 beds. Afterwards, the current Garner Healthplex will be transformed into a medical park, featuring medical practices and ambulatory services.