Agency moves to curb buildings collapse in Nigeria

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Government agency Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has embarked on a crackdown aimed at confiscating substandard construction material that have led to buildings collapse in Nigeria.

The moves comes in the back of endless reports of buildings collapse in Nigeria. The raiding and confiscating operation is being led by Adamu Ahmed Saleh, the State Coordinator. Saleh saw the raiding of 6mm iron rods that are suspected to be the sub-standard building rods and several iron rod shops. The suspected substandard rods are yet to be subjected to a laboratory test in Enugu.

SON has vowed not to sit back, fold its arms and watch the sub-standard building materials being sold in the market and ruin the industry leaving the nation devastated.

Saleh told reporters during the raid that SON would not fold its arms and watch sub-standard building materials that have led to buildings collapse in Nigeria being sold in the market. The raiding on iron rods and steel shop used in building and construction will continue to ascertain conformity to the building standard specification in Nigeria.

Additionally, physical conformity tests are currently being conducted on the iron rods. The test will consist of measuring the diameter of each size of the iron rod and its length as well as identifying the manufacturer’s symbol mark.

Standards Organisation of Nigeria was established by Act. No.56 of 1971 which vested it with the authority for: Standards elaboration, Manufactured industrial and imported products and services generally, Metrology Services, Specifications and Quality assurance system of commodities

The Organization’s mission is to make the most positive contribution to the Nigeria’s society and economy while achieving the organisation goal of improving lives through standards. Through direct supervision of regional structure spread across the six (6) geopolitical zones of the federation, the directorate is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring proper functioning of SON’s activities.