Niger: Maradi-Madarounfa-Nigeria border road inaugurated

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The government of the Republic of Niger, represented by the Head of State, His Excellency Issoufou Mahamadou inaugurated the Maradi-Madarounfa-Nigeria border road. The road was launched on November 28 in Maradi, one of the seven regions of Niger located in the south-central area of the West African country.

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In addition to opening up this part of the nation deeply and reducing the costs of transporting people and goods, this road will also help facilitate medical evacuations and strengthen economic and socio-cultural exchanges between the populations of the Maradi region and those of the Nigerian states of Katsina and Zamfara.

The start of the construction of the road

The construction works on this border corridor, with a linear length of 106 km begun back in November 2013 with the Chinese company CGCOC Group Co., Ltd. formerly known as CGC Overseas Construction Group Co., Ltd as the contractor.

It was financed to the tune of over US$ 51M, of which 78.33% was mobilized by the West African Development Bank (BOAD), an international Multilateral Development Bank established to serve the nations of Francophone and Lusophone West Africa. The rest of the funds 21.67% was provided by the government of the state of Niger.

Tibiri Bridge & Mayahi-Tessaoua- border road

The head of state took advantage of the trip to visit the site of the almost completed Tibiri (Gobir) bridge over the Goulbi River.

He also launched officially the rehabilitation and asphalting works of the 122 km Mayahi-Tessaoua- border road that is also expected to contribute to the internal and external opening up of the country. The project is financed with its own funds from the national budget.

Construction of quality infrastructure is one of the main ambitions to which the Renaissance program, launched by President Issoufou has harnessed.