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Nigeria commissions road network in Ilara-Mokin Ondo State

The government of Nigeria has commissioned a 6km road network in Ilara-Mokin community in Ondo State. Minister of Federal Ministry of Works & Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, performed the opening ceremony.

The road project is one of various community development projects in Ilara-Mokin embarked upon by  Micheal Ade-Ojo. These projects are designed to gradually transform his hometown from a village to an economically vibrant town.

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Boost in economic growth

The road which connects Ilara-Mokin and Ikota, is expected to boost economic growth to both neighboring communities, bringing transformation to Ondo State and Nigeria extensively. It will increase the value of lands, ease movement of farm products and other goods. Additionally, to improve the transport status of the state, the government is rehabilitating and repairing failed portions of federal roads across.

“We are working here to fix this roads because our people are the end users. Due to the fact that this administration has a reputation for quality road infrastructure, we cannot turn a blind eye while this roads go into total ruin. This is not the first time we are doing this. We did same at Owo-Ikare and Owo-Ipele roads,” said Mr. Saka Yusuf Works and Infrastructure Commissioner,.

According to Saka Yusuf-Ogunleye, the road infrastructure programme was one of the fruits of the change the people voted for in All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2016 where he  explained that roads within the towns are also going to be made motorable. “The roads in Akoko were in deplorable state; now we are rehabilitating and reconstructing them to meet global standard,” said Mr. Saka.



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