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Nigeria to construct 6 ICT Parks around the country

Nigeria is to construct 6 ICT Parks through the States Communications Commission (NCC)  in the country’s six geo-political zones in a bid promote socio-economic transformation of the West African country.

The Project basically encompasses the construction and equipping of fully-functional Tier-4 Digital Industrial Complex (DIC) in each of geo-political zones across the country.

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The executive vice chairman (EVC) of NCC, Mr. Umar Danbatta said that the construction of four of the ICT parks has already begun in Abeokuta for the South-West, Enugu for the South-East, Maiduguri for the North-East and Kano for the North-West geo-political zones. Those for the North-Central and the South-South geo-political zones he said they are underway.

Regarding the commissioning of Nigeria’s construction of ICT Parks, Mr. Danbatta stated that that would take place at different times, hopefully beginning from the end of this year. He also insisted that based on the projects national spread structure, no part of the country will be left out as beneficiaries of the initiative.

Nigeria to construct 6 ICT Parks; The aim

Nigeria’s construction of ICT parks is meant to provide innovation labs and digital fabrication laboratories (Fablabs) for use by ICT innovators and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into products and prototypes, provide a Commercial Hub for ICT capacity building and digital skills, create employment and entrepreneurial activities and facilitate smart city deployment across the Digital Industrial complex.

The project is also designed to support federal government’s ICT–related policies by facilitating the availability and accessibility of ICT services across the country and promoting their usage across all sectors.

Furthermore it is aimed at building capacity for the Nigerian teaming youths in the area of skill acquisition and innovation to join existing initiatives towards accelerating socio-economic transformation of Nigeria.


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