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With $10 million in devolution funding, the Town Council has built the first Norton bus terminal in Zimbabwe, which is currently 70% complete. This project also includes the rebuilding of an outdated sewer trunk line. The Norton Town Council (NTC) chairman, Mr Sylvester Gumisirayi, said the devolution funds were a game-changer in the area.

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“Devolution is assisting us to carry out service delivery projects. We are grateful to the Government for the funds which are bringing positive change to the councils,” he said. “In terms of the projects under devolution in Norton, we are constructing Katanga Bus Terminus, which will make it easier for residents to access transport at a centralised place,” he further stated.

The Norton bus terminal in Zimbabwe, according to Mr Gumisirayi, would enhance the council’s income inflows by allowing bus owners to pay subscriptions to the local authorities once it is built. The rank will also provide refuge to residents during the rainy season, he added. This programme aims to improve the region’s transportation system, allowing residents to commute in a safer and more dependable manner.

According to Mr Gumisirayi, the local government is repairing the collapsed Ngoni sewage trunk, which will now be linked to the wastewater treatment facility.

There were two sewage trunk lines, but one was broken and the other was overworked, resulting in bursts. Sewer leaks will be reduced as a result of the replacement. Gumisirayi went on to declare that any possible illnesses caused by sewer leaks will be eradicated. People are growing more vulnerable to diseases and being sick as a result of them.

He said that the municipality was also using devolution funds to fix roads.

The cost of creating the rank and rebuilding the sewage trunk, according to Mr Francis Kachere, a spokesman for the NTC, would be $10 million, $7 million, and $3 million, respectively.