Ntimbale Dam water supply scheme upgrade project on track

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The Ntimbale Dam water supply scheme upgrade and remedial works project in North East District and Tutume sub-district, Botswana is on track. According to the Tutume Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) general manager, Ms Fenyang Samu, the US $20.4m project which began in March last year, is 47% complete against the planned 60% as at February 23.

“The delay in is due to COVID-19 challenges such as last year’s lockdown which was imposed immediately after the project started,” she explained. She further added that another challenge was delays in receipt of materials needed for the project due to travel restrictions. “However, despite these challenges the project was progressing well,” said the GM.

According to Ms Samu, the company has now moved to Tutume Sub-district from the North East areas, where it started. “We are confident that by April, we would have started erecting reserve tanks across identified sites in Tutume, Goshwe, Maitengwe and Makuta,” she said.

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Meeting the water demand

“We are looking forward to the completion of the Ntimbale Dam water supply scheme upgrade by September this year because currently demand for water has surpassed supply in many areas. With the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, WUC has been forced to bowse water to schools and clinics to ensure there is constant supply,” she said.

In order to address severe water challenges, WUC had since installed temporary water tanks in some villages such as Makuta, she revealed. Makuta Village Development Committee chairperson, Mr Kitso Mukani commended the corporation for agreeing to the village’s proposal of installing temporary water tanks. “Villagers had been suffering for a long time as they could go for weeks without water,” he said.