Okahao Sports Stadium, a multipurpose sports facility to be built in Windhoek

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A multipurpose sports facility, Okahao Sports Stadium, is set to be built in Windhoek, the capital & largest city of Namibia. Frank Fredericks, a sprinting legend, recently promised to construct the facility.

This announcement comes after earlier announcements that comparable structures would be built at Outjo and Okahao. The streets in the two towns, just like in Windhoek, are named in honor of Frederick’s great accomplishments. Fredericks committed N$1.2 million recently to the Okahao Sports Stadium’s construction through the Frank Fredericks Foundation.

Windhoek mayor Sade Gawana on the other hand welcomed the initiative. He also promised that the city would move quickly to locate a site for the Okahao Sports Stadium. This is in accordance with the Windhoek town planning scheme, particularly in regions where there were no sports facilities already in existence.

Reasons for funding the construction of the Okahao Sport Stadium

The athlete claimed that doing so was also his way of giving back to the community and to the love and passion of the sport. The former athlete said he is funding sports infrastructure because it helped him achieve success. He claimed that they used to play on a sports field close to his house in Katutura after school, and that’s what changed his life.

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The two-time Olympic medalist further claimed that the Okahao Sports Stadium was an element of his long-term approach to enhancing the country’s sport and producing more world champions.

Furthermore, Fredericks stated that he would like to support the community in the three towns with streets named after him. As a result, he revealed that there were plans to introduce a 60-meter track challenge at Outjo, Okahao, and Windhoek.