Plans announced for Huntridge Theater redevelopment, Las Vegas

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Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas is set for redevelopment by J Dapper. The Las Vegas developer plans to give the World War II-era venue a facelift at an estimated cost of US$ 22M.

According to Dapper, the founder, he has already interviewed architecture firms. Additionally, he has a long-term contract with New York-based theatre operator SoHo Playhouse. “We chose SoHo out of the several possible running partners that approached us. The company enjoys a pristine reputation among artists on a global level. Therefore, they will treat this ancient site with the respect it merits, I am confident of that,” explained Dapper.

The projects developer recently announced they anticipate signing two leases for food and beverage businesses by the end of the year. Additionally, they are seeking public funds for the project for the redevelopment of the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas. They plan to expand the Huntridge by around 20,000 square feet to make room for two smaller theatres starting in September 2023.

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Redevelopment plans for the Huntridge Theater

The 1944-built Huntridge was a premier performance venue by the 1990s after years of showing movies. In 2002 the Mizrachi family bought the property which shuttered the for repairs in 2004. However, according to Eli Mizrachi, the owner, in the following two years he and the building were in “limbo”. This was mainly because of the rising construction expenses.

An effort was made to reopen the location. In 2007, a measure in the Nevada Assembly suggested investing $8.5 million. The plan was to buy and rehabilitate the Huntridge as a cultural and performing arts centre. In 2013, three downtown businesspeople got together to try to acquire and refurbish the theatre.

Ultimately, a proposal to assist Dapper in purchasing the Huntridge for $4 million was authorized by the Las Vegas City Council in 2019. Dapper finalized his acquisition of the Huntridge in March 2021. The company said in its news announcement that it thought this was the best fit for the theatre, the community, and the city.