Plans in for Expansion of Gray Television’s Assembly Studio Facility in Atlanta

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Gray Television’s Assembly Studio Facility in Atlanta, is set for expansion according to Gray Television Inc. an American publicly traded television broadcasting company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

The new Assembly studio facility is a 43-acre complex which will be built on a portion of Gray’s Assembly Atlanta development, a 135-acre mixed-use real estate property, located close to the Atlanta neighbourhood of Buckhead and bordering the I-285 Perimeter. Gray estimates that the expenditure for the entire development would be between $130 million to $140 million for 2022, with about $80 million to $90 million in additional capital spending in 2023.

Site preparations on the Assembly Studios complex began last summer, with the construction of roadways and other infrastructural developments throughout the development site. There was also construction work on some studio buildings, which commenced late last year for Gray’s Swirl Films development.

Amenities featured in the Assembly studio facility project and other future developments

Plans for the 43-acre Assembly studio facility will cover construction work on soundstages, warehouse and mill buildings, production offices, studio bungalows, an event venue, and a parking deck.

The new studio facilities will be leased and run by NBCUniversal Media, based on the recent long-term agreement, signed by both companies. The facilities to be leased by NBCU will offer a full suite of amenities needed for television and film production. Two companies from last year’s developments were retained for the new studio expansion project, which includes Gipson Company, an Atlanta-based developer, serving as the construction manager and JLL, as the strategic advisor for Assembly Atlanta.

In addition to the new Assembly studio facility, Gray is also currently working on other plans for its Assembly Atlanta property, which will include the development of mixed-use and commercial buildings around a town centre concept scheduled for completion within the next five to seven years. Future development plans, in the long run, will feature townhouses and apartments, conference rooms, office buildings, a boutique hotel, entertainment venues and e-gaming facilities as well.

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According to Gray, construction on the Assembly studio facility, which will house NBCU’s facilities is scheduled to commence this summer, and its delivery date is set for the second half of 2023. Once this new studio complex becomes fully operational, the developers expect the facility to house more than 4,000 employees and also provide a medium for NBCU, Gray’s Swirl Films or any other third-party tenants to begin film and television productions by the end of 2023.