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Plans set for construction of Mid West offshore wind farm in Australia

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

The specifications of the Mid West offshore wind farm, a proposed wind farm in Commonwealth and State waters north of Geraldton in Western Australia have been revealed by Copenhagen Energy, a Danish renewable energy producer.

Three million homes and businesses could be powered for up to 50 years by the 3 GW of renewable electricity produced by the Midwest offshore wind farm. It will comprise to up to 200 turbines and six substations.

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A project area of 700 square kilometers will see the construction of turbines from 10 to 70 kilometers offshore of Kalbarri. According to modeling by Copenhagen Energy, the Midwest offshore wind farm will generate 200 jobs throughout its operation. Additionally, 14,500 direct and indirect employment will be awarded during construction for every 1 GW of energy. Up to 6 million tonnes of CO2 are anticipated to be offset annually.

The Mid West wind farm is Copenhagen Energy’s second wind farm proposed for WA. This is following the Leeuwin offshore wind farm proposal for a region between Mandurah and Bunbury, south of Perth. The Leeuwin project will also include six substations and up to 200 turbines.

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Construction of the Mid West offshore wind farm in Australia

Copenhagen Energy Chief Executive Officer Jasmin Bejdic stated that the business was happy to share information on its second proposed WA project. This is following significant energy and offshore wind farm announcements by the Federal and WA Governments. One of the six offshore wind zones that the Federal Government just announced is the Perth/Bunbury area. According to the State Government, it will shut down its coal-fired power plants. Then, it will look for alternate energy sources for its South West grid.

“These are encouraging advances for the offshore wind farms in Australia and WA,” Bejdic stated. “Our offshore wind farms are perfectly situated to contribute to WA’s future energy needs. Our Leeuwin and Mid West projects can replace fossil fuel-generated electricity with dependable, renewable energy. This is while also generating jobs during building and operation and fostering the growth of new talents. Along with onshore wind and solar energy, the International Energy Agency has designated offshore wind energy as one of the “big three” to address global warming.

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