Plans set for Boddingtons Brewery site transformation project, Manchester

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The Boddingtons Brewery site in Manchester has been purchased by developer Salboy for the long-awaited housing-led mixed-use project. At the iconic site in the centre of the city, there are five buildings, including a 26-story tower. The project will be part of the £195 million development plan.

Planning approval has already been given for 31,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. This is as well as 556 new homes for sale and rent. Salboy stated that it will update these plans to meet modern specifications for the project.

Domis Construction, Salboy’s devoted construction partner, will now begin the project in early 2023. This will be four years after the original Brewery Gardens redevelopment plan was approved.

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Construction at the Boddingtons Brewery site

The Boddingtons Brewery site project will be given a new name soon. It is a key component of Manchester City Council’s long-planned, residential-led regeneration of the area that was the Boddingtons Brewery site until 2005.

“We are happy to be the new owners of the Boddingtons site,” said Simon Ismail, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Salboy. “It is an ideal location for urgently needed regeneration thanks to its close proximity to city centre leisure, business, higher education, and transport links.

For far too long, local rumour has surrounded the future of this site. We are now thrilled to mobilize construction as early as 2023. Consequently, we will bring more coveted homes to people who want to work, live, and study in Manchester.”

Over 2,750 new homes have already been delivered by Salboy to Manchester and the nearby Salford communities. The group has invested £1 billion in 11 property projects in the North West, London, and Cornwall that will add more than 2,000 new homes to the areas most affected by the nation’s housing shortage.