Plans underway for establishment of the first green yacht marina in Egypt

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Plans are underway for the construction of the first green yacht marina in Egypt, powered by renewable energy on a 25,000 square meter site. This was revealed during a meeting with the prime minister to discuss Egypt’s goals to increase revenue from yacht tourism. Al-Wazir, the transport minister, and Ismail, the head of the maritime transport in the transport ministry, also attended the meeting.

According to Rabie, Chairperson of the Suez Canal Authority, plans for the green yacht marina in Egypt include a hotel. Additionally, they include a commercial district and an 850-meter tourist boardwalk. In Port Said, a second marina with a 75-yacht capacity will also be launched.

The meeting’s discussion on the work of the Higher Ministerial Committee, which was charged with coming up with a plan to boost yacht tourism in Egypt and draw more foreign boats to Egyptian ports and marinas, was led by the minister of transportation.

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The proposed green yacht marina in Egypt to have a single digital window.

Al-Wazir claimed that the Prime Minister had authorized the creation of a single digital window for foreign boats. The Maritime Transport Sector of the ministry will oversee, manage, and control it. This window was introduced in September and is currently receiving media attention as part of efforts to improve amenities.

The Minister of Transport also looked through a map showing the locations of current and future yacht marinas in Egypt.

According to Ismail, the owner of the yacht or his representative can enter information about the yacht and its passengers. And then upload the necessary documents, and enter the date of arrival, and the port where the yacht must dock.

The relevant authorities will then receive a copy of all the data and documents automatically, and review them. They will then send their approvals to the maritime transport industry’s official window site. Which will then issue one approval for the visitation schedule and one invoice for the foreign yacht.

Rabie also went over the Suez Canal Authority’s marketing plan for yachting. He noted that Port Said, Ismailia, and Suez all have green yacht marinas along the canal’s route.

In collaboration with the private sector, he noted that the development’s planned objective aims to expand the marina’s capacity. Moving from 12 to 60 yachts which will include refueling, repair, and waiting services for extended periods.