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Plans underway for implementation of Kochi Green Hydrogen Project in India

The development plans for the Kochi Green Hydrogen project in India have been announced. The project’s announcement was particularly done by the India Hydrogen Alliance (IH2A).

The announcement follows a consultation meeting that was between the government, and involved funding organizations as well as businesses. With headquarters in Delhi, IH2A and the Keralan government will work in a joint partnership to develop the project. 

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As per the official press release, the Kochi Green Hydrogen Project will mainly feature the development of green hydrogen production, storage, and transmission infrastructure within a 50-kilometer cluster right in Kochi.

The plant will feature a 150 MW electrolyzer storage facility. Furthermore, the plant will also feature an infrastructure hub as well as a 60 tonnes per day (TPD) capacity.

The project’s plan will focus on the transportation use case within the first phase as a source of generation. Thereafter, the generated power will fire up a fleet of 60 buses with retrofitted hydrogen internal combustion engines. Additionally, the power generated will also enable the further construction of the necessary infrastructure.

The project’s construction plan boasts a potential capital expenditure of well about $575 million.  

Aim for the Kochi Green Hydrogen plant project in India

The plant aims to serve as a response to the industrial demand for green hydrogen. More especially from chemical, fertilizer as well as refinery plants. The Chief Executive and President of IH2A spoke also about the project. Jill Evanko said that the project will further empower India in building large-scale, and commercial green hydrogen infrastructure.

The Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of the Government of Kerala spoke about the project. K. A. Abraham said that the region is in active collaboration with investors as well as the industry, in building hydrogen valleys similar to those present in Europe.

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