Plans underway for the Downtown YMCA redevelopment project

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Giarratana Development has been enlisted for the Downtown YMCA redevelopment project, which involves transforming the YMCA’s downtown campus into a 60-story residential tower which is estimated at $350 million, along with some additional onsite features.

The Downtown YMCA redevelopment project which is to take place at the YMCA’s Church Street location, will cover the redevelopment of two buildings on YMCA’s 0.9-acre downtown campus. The older of the two buildings, which was built in 1978 will undergo extensive modifications and afterwards, it will be joined to the second building which was built in 2008. This entire development will occupy about 100,000 square feet, of which 60,000 square feet of would be new.

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The 60-story residential tower of the Downtown YMCA redevelopment project will rise to a height of 750-feet tall and this building is expected to top some of Nashville’s tallest buildings, which include the AT&T, a 617-foot high building and the Nashville building which is 522-feet high. The developers expect that construction on the project would begin in January 2023 and the YMCA is meant to stay open during renovations.

The Vice President of Development for Giarratana, Morgan Stengel was happy to be a part of the Downtown YMCA redevelopment project. Stengel also said that he was looking forward to working with YMCA and he stated that Giarratana was devoted to building this optimal facility, which is critical to the quality of life in the city. Stengel also added, “We are so pleased to have been selected by the YMCA leadership to pursue this opportunity, which will be central to fulfilling their mission for decades to come.”

The president and CEO of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Chris Tointon was also pleased with the plans and decisions made so far, concerning the Downtown YMCA redevelopment project. Tointon also mentioned that the project was aimed at meeting the needs of the growing urban community through the development of a superb new facility.