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Power sector in Morocco impresses China

Currently, power sector in Morocco is ranked in the world as one of the most sustainable.  PowerChina International Group’s Deputy General Manager Wu Wenhao Morocco power infrastructure beats most African countries.

Wu Wenhao whose company was hired to construct one of the biggest massive Solar complex centers by Ouarzazate.

For a while now,PowerChina International has been constructing several power projects in Morocco for instance Noor power plant.

Largest solar power plant in Africa

Additionally, Noor power is expected to be the largest solar plant in Africa once completed.

PowerChina International is one of China’s largest renewable energy company.

Currently, most of the renewable energy projects being carried out in Morrocco are being deployed by Power China and it’s expected to have one of the largest  energy output.

Meanwhile, other countries have been struggling to get to the point at Which Morocco is in terms of power production.

Power sector in Morocco should be emulated

Consequently,Wu called upon other African countries to consider renewable energy saying its the way to go for Africa.

Morocco has emerged to be a hotbed of solar power projects in recent years.

The company signed a contract with the Kingdom in 2015 for Phase II and III projects concerning engineering, procurement, and construction projects  of the biggest massive Solar complex centers by Ouarzazate.


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