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Project Underway for Upgrade of Airport Facilities in Zimbabwe

Through the Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ), the government is carrying out a project to upgrade airport facilities in Zimbabwe, in a bid to keep up with worldwide aviation trends, following mounting pressure on the government to upgrade its aviation infrastructure.

Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe’s Finance and Economic Development Minister, stated last year that the broad-based initiative was part of a larger strategy to guarantee that the Southern African country meets the International Aviation Organization’s and European Union Air Safety Committee’s basic standards.

Some of the airports in Zimbabwe set for an upgrade as part of the project

In addition to Robert Mugabe International Airport, which is currently undergoing a facelift, ACZ chief executive officer Tawanda Gusha said that more airports would benefit from the project to upgrade airport facilities in Zimbabwe.

These airports include Charles Prince Airport in Mount Hampden where a Disaster Recovery Centre and more office space will be developed. JM Nkomo International Airport and Buffalo Range Airport will also get an Air Traffic Control Tower and a perimeter fence as part of the project.

Speaking on the ongoing works at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, Mr. Gusha said that the new wings will be completed later in the year after which they will move to the refurbishment of the current international and domestic terminal buildings.

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Separation of ACZ from Caaz

The ACZ was separated from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz) in a bid to improve efficiency. Caaz’s major focus will now be on aviation sector regulation to achieve strong security standards.

According to Caaz director-general, Elijah Chingosho the company’s regulatory job, which includes control of all activities in Zimbabwe, is carried out under the auspices of a United Nations specialized organization known as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The international organization develops rules for aviation safety, security, efficiency, regularity, and environmental preservation.

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