Reconstruction of Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road in Nigeria close to completion

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The reconstruction of the Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road in Abeokuta by the administration of Governor Dapo Abiodun has reached the 80% completion stage. The 6.9km road serves as a major bypass linking Obantoko with Kemta-Idiaba.

The economic and social activity of the nearby settlements has already increased as a result of the reconstruction work. After the road was built, the neighborhood saw the emergence of hotels, commercial centers, private schools, and contemporary structures.

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The residents have been optimistic and glad that the construction of the road has become a reality. Some residents claimed they had anticipated the state government would build the road because Professor Wole Soyinka resides nearby.

Residents were also surprised that the reconstruction of Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road was taking place without demolishing any of their homes. Because certain homes had been designated for demolition to make space for the road project during the previous administration.

Remarks on the reconstruction of Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko Road

Mr. Abimbola Ogunmuyiwa, a delighted resident, claimed that the reconstruction of the Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road had sparked many types of growth in the region.

Ogunmuyiwa said, “We are very grateful to Governor Abiodun’s government for this specific road construction, which has significantly improved living in communities in this area. Getting home from work after was very challenging before the reconstruction of the Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road. But now you can be at the Federal Medical Center in 10 to 15 minutes as opposed to hours before.”

The road’s effects extend beyond the local residents, as daily commuters from Osiele, Camp, and Obantoko are now enjoying these dividends of democracy.

According to Dr. Adewunmi Ayodele, a lecturer at the Federal College of Education, Osiele whose home is in Laderin, the road was a huge comfort for him.

He said, “Due to the lengthy travel times on the terrible Asero/Obantoko Route, I used to leave my Laderin home by 6:15 am and wouldn’t be at work before 8:30 am before the reconstruction of this road. But now I can leave my house at past seven and arrive at work earlier than before. I simply burst out at Somorin and head to Camp. For me and the other workers at Osiele and Camp axis, it is a huge relief.”