Reconstruction to begin on US$3.5 million South Vine Street, Kansas

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The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has announced that they will be undertaking a new project involving the reconstruction of South Vine Street in Hays, Kansas. This statement comes just two years after North Vine Street’s two-year rehabilitation was finished. This project, on the other hand, will be smaller and will not include any traffic roundabouts when completed. Kaw Valley Engineers has been engaged by the city to design the project. Because Vine Street is also part of U.S. Highway 183, KDOT will oversee the construction as required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). The city’s cost portion of around US$2.8 million will be paid from the capital reserve of the municipal commission.

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The project entails replacing the concrete pavement, sidewalk ramps, selected parts of the curb and gutter, new pedestrian crossings at 8th Street, storm sewer inlet tops, and pavement markings. The construction will begin at the south city line, which includes the intersection of Vine Street and the US-183 bypass, and will continue north to about 350 feet south of the intersection of 13th and Vine, near the McDonald’s restaurant. Intersections such as 8th Street and the bypass will remain open. The work will be completed in stages, and the public will be notified of anticipated traffic disruptions, as was done with the north Vine renovation.

“They’ll start by rebuilding the middle lanes. As a result, traffic will be concentrated on the outside lanes heading north and south. Left turns will be greatly curtailed, if not abolished, as is typical of comparable projects. Side streets will be directly in and out. Businesses will come and go as they like “Hays project manager John Braun claimed. He also stated that no companies will lose traffic access to their locations. The construction is planned to take around 115 working days and will be completed during the first and second weeks of May.