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Rehabilitation of Greater Libreville water distribution network in Gabon to begin in February

Rehabilitation works to extend the capacity of the Greater Libreville water distribution network in Gabon are set to begin in late February. According to the Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nzé,  the project is part of the second “Drinking water” component of the integrated programme for the supply of drinking water and sanitation in Libreville (Piaepal).

Rehabilitation works at the Greater Libreville water distribution network 

The project involves renewal of 149km of drinking water distribution networks, as well as the reinforcement and extension of the 131km drinking water distribution network. Three new water towers will be constructed while a few anarchic water connections removed.

Drillmex International had already began works to repair drinking water leaks in the administrative buildings in Libreville and Owendo, two communes in the Komo-Mondah department in the Estuary province of Gabon.

The Moroccan company, which specialises in mining exploration and water drilling works, won the contract following a call for tenders launched in November 2019 by the Piaepal Coordination Unit. It has 20 months to complete the work.

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Piaepal was launched as part of the Gabonese government’s policy to improve access to water and sanitation services throughout the country by 2025. Its implementation will cost a total US $142m. The African Development Bank (AfDB) has already contributed US $91m, while the remaining US $48.1m has been lent to the Gabonese state by the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF). The project is expected to improve the drinking water supply for more than 350,000 people in Gabon.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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