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Renovation of Bukalasa Agriculture College in Uganda nears completion

Renovation work is nearing completion at the Bukalasa Agriculture College in Uganda. Mr Gelvan Kisolo Lule, the college principal announced that the remaining works involves installation of modern equipment.

“We are have completed construction of the structures and now government has embarked on the delivery for specific implements such as laboratory equipment, tractors,  feed mill and milk processor, among other farm implements,” said Mr Gelvan.

The renovation of the institution began in March 2020 under the Skills Development Project funded by the World Bank. The project aims to deliver standard farm training programmes that meet the global agriculture demands.

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Modern farming

The Bukalasa Agriculture College will feature a fully-fledged farm department with a milk processing unit, broiler barn, agro- processing unit, zero grazing structures, feed mill, poultry section, and piggery unit among other structures and implements.

“Modern agriculture is all about using improved skills, using mechanized systems to increase production. Timely use of machinery will allow more students to gain access to agricultural machinery,” said the principal.

Upon completion, the college will offer variety of short courses targeting both the ordinary farmers and students at certificate level including courses in feed formulation, crop production, livestock production, agro-processing, occupational health and safety, food safety, feed formulation and business management, among other. It also has planned outreach programmes, which will community members learn from the demonstration farms at the facility.

The Ugandan Government in 2017 rolled out a curriculum review process at Bukalasa Agriculture College. The college teamed up with the Dalhoisie University Canada to support the review process and ensure the re-tooling of all the teaching staff.


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Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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