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Savannah regional police headquarters in Luwero commissioned

After 12 years of construction, the Savannah regional police headquarters in Luwero town was recently commissioned. Districts in Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola are administered by the Savannah Regional Police.

With backing from the Justice, Law, and Order Sector (JLOS), the Savannah Regional Police Headquarters’ construction began in 2010. The construction was not completed since JLOS stopped providing funds in 2014.

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Ever since the Uganda Police Force asked the government to take over the completion until funds were released in the financial year 2021/22. This is according to the Deputy Director Felix Baryamwiseki, Estates and Lands Management in Uganda Police Force.

According to Baryamwesiki, construction on the two-storey facility was resumed in March 2022 and completed in July.

On behalf of Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola, the building was commissioned recently by Assistant Inspector General of Police James Ocaya. Ocaya is the Director of Research, Planning, and Development in the Uganda Police Force.

In 2010, JLOS pledged to establish four model police stations in Kira, Kajjansi, Savannah, and Kiboga, according to Ocaya.

However, he pointed out that the absence of land titles led the implementation to stall in Kajjansi and Kiboga. Due to the revised designs, he added, they were also unable to complete the work at the headquarters of the Savannah Regional Police. This prompted the organization to request support from the government.

Ocaya tasked the policemen to use the offices to provide quality services and guarantee proper maintenance.

The Savannah regional police headquarters construction funding

According to Ocaya, JLOS spent 1 billion shillings on construction before halting the funding. The government later provided another 750 million shillings to complete the work. The Luwero District Police Station and the Savannah Regional Police Offices, whose personnel have been using three rooms at the Luwero District Local Government, will be accommodated in the two-storey facility.

Luwero’s police officers and local authorities are excited about commissioning the regional police headquarters facility.

The majority of police officers work in dilapidated facilities, while others have nowhere to dwell. This is according to Erastus Kibirango, the chairperson of the Luwero District LCV. He added that this leads to indiscipline in the police.

Despite establishing its regional headquarters and Central Police Stations in the districts of Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola, the Savannah Regional Police Commander, Otong, claims that there was a need to budget for housing as well as offices for lower stations.

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