Scotland’s Fife Electrification Project in UK, Given a Green Light

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The first phase of Scotland’s Fife electrification project, a rail decarbonisation scheme in Fife to electrify 25km of track south of the Forth Bridge has been approved for construction by the Scottish government.

Developed by Transport Scotland and Network Rail, the £55 million project, which is part of a rolling program that will eventually extend electrification to Dundee and Aberdeen, will begin this month and will be completed by December 2024. It will start with electrification of the segment south of the Forth Bridge between Haymarket and Dalmeny.

The first step of work will see Network Rail pile the foundations for masts that will carry overhead wires up to the Forth Bridge between Haymarket and Dalmeny. Scottish Powerlines (SPL), the contractor, will soon begin on-site activities between Haymarket and Dalmeny, including piling and building steelwork foundations to support overhead power masts. By December 2024, 25 single track kilometres (STKs) of railway will be electrified.

The subsequent phases of development will include ‘partial’ electrification of lines in Fife, totaling 104 STKs, to allow for the introduction of battery electric multiple units (BEMUs) to replace life-expired diesel units that will be phased out.

Fife electrification project comments

“It is fantastic news that the first phase of the Fife electrification project is expected to begin this month, as this will make a major difference to passenger and freight services in the future,” said Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth.

“Fife decarbonisation project delivery will aid the introduction of new rolling stock through partial electrification of the route. It will also help us deliver on our Rail Decarbonisation Action Plan, which calls for the elimination of all diesel on passenger trains by 2035. The development work underway on Borders electrification and the procurement of new rolling stock demonstrates our commitment to rail decarbonisation. Our commitment is to secure jobs in the rail design and delivery sectors, as well as to keep the supply chain busy,” explained Gilruth.

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We’re working hard alongside the Scottish government to bring the gains of electrification to communities across the country. The government has set an ambitious target for decarbonizing our railway, and projects like electrifying the Fife Circle – beginning with the line connecting Fife to Edinburgh – will be critical to meeting that commitment,” ,” stated Alex Hynes, managing director of Scotland’s Railway.

“We look forward to increasing investment in Scotland’s Railway and significantly improving service quality for the communities it serves. This is one of several projects that will make Scotland’s railways greener, cleaner, and much more reliable,” conluded Hynes.