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Shinyanga airport expansion project would begin as soon as the government obtains a ‘no objection’ letter from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The bank would pay for building projects, according to Godfrey Kasekenya, Deputy Minister of Works. He made a comment in response to a query from Special Seats MP Santiel Kirumba (CCM), who wanted to know when the regional airport building would begin.

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​​​​​​​In his response, the deputy minister stated that the EIB had given funds for the project’s implementation. He stated that the government had changed the no objection contract due to higher costs since the deal was initially signed in 2017.

Funding and Work around the Shinyanga airport project

Almost a decade ago, the European Investment Bank (EIB) committed to giving Tanzania €50 million in long-term investment to renovate and expand five airports over the following 20 years. The financing was intended to help modernize airports in Kigoma, Bukoba, Tabora, Shinyanga, and Sumbawanga so that they can satisfy international safety requirements, operate in all weather conditions, and accommodate the expected increase in passenger traffic. EIB funding will be utilized to construct all-weather asphalt runways at airports, improve passenger handling and aircraft parking, improve access roads, and provide safe perimeter fencing.

Earlier this year, the minister indicated that airport rehabilitation would allow them to accommodate larger planes like the Airbus and Boeing 787 Dreamliner; this will boost trading operations between the nations and free up space for new firms, supporting economic growth. Kasekenya stated that, in addition to boosting commerce and other economic activities, the projects would improve domestic air transit and draw more tourists to the nation. According to him, the government’s priority is to guarantee that the country has consistent transportation services, particularly air travel, in order to support and boost economic growth.

Reported earlier

May 2019

Tanzania to allocate US $44.5m for airports construction and rehabilitation including Shinyanga Airport expansion

The government of Tanzania has announced plans to spend US $44.5m for construction, upgrading and rehabilitation of airports in the next financial year, with the aim of revamping the aviation industry.

Works, Transport and Communications minister Isack Kamwelwe revealed the reports while presenting the next financial year’s budget proposal of US $2.1bn for his docket, out of which US $1.9bn was meant for development projects, with the rest set aside for recurrent and other expenditures.

The budgetary proposal that was tabled showed that Works, Transport and Communications Ministry has increased its budget for development projects by 14% in the next financial year.

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Airports upgrade

Construction of Msalato, Kigoma, Sumbawanga, Tabora and Shinyanga airports were cited by Mr Kamwelwe as priority projects that needed to be implemented in the next financial year.

For Msalato airport, the contractor is expected to start with reviewing the feasibility study and detailed engineering design while construction works at Kigoma, Sumbawanga, Tabora and Shinyanga will, among other things, involve construction of terminal buildings, car parking and installation of light systems.

The minister added that the government is also set to upgrade and rehabilitate Songwe, Mwanza, Arusha, Mtwara and Kilimanjaro airports. It is highly expected that development partners will fund the budget to the tune of US $27m with local sources contributing the rest.