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Soin-Koru Multi-Purpose Dam in Kenya

The construction of the Soin-Koru Multi-Purpose Dam is set to begin in March this year. The project was supposed to have begun sometime last year. This is when an Sh20 billion contract for its implementation was awarded. The contract was awarded to a joint venture between China Jiangxi International Kenya Limited, and China Jiangxi International Economic and Cooperation Company Ltd.

Its implementation, however, could not begin due to delays in the resettlement of people in the project area. The project is located five kilometers or its thereabouts upstream of Muhoroni town. This is across the Nyando River, which forms the boundary between Kericho and Kisumu Counties.

The current state of the resettlement issue and compensation of the PAPs
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As it stands, the issue has been resolved and the contractor has reportedly begun moving heavy machinery to the project site. Gitonga Mugambi revealed that all those affected by phase one of the project have been compensated. Only those with Settlement Fund Trustee (SFT) loan balances, pending and succession cases, and disputes are remaining. Mugambi is the Irrigation Principal Secretary.

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Documentation for the second phase of compensation has been processed by the National Land Commission (NLC). It is currently awaiting the transfer of funds from the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority (NWHSA). The latter, according to the PS, has requested Sh2.2bn from the Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Sanitation. These monies will go towards compensating the farmers.

An overview of the Soin-Koru Dam

The Soin-Koru Dam is proposed to be a zoned rock-fill dam with an impermeable clay core. With a water storage capacity of 93.7 million cubic meters, the dam will comprise a 54m dam embankment with a 1354m crest. The dam embankment will be constructed across Koitatui and Got Alila Hills.

As part of the Soin-Koru Multi-Purpose Dam project, a 72,000m3/day water treatment plant will also be constructed approximately 1km downstream of the dam wall. The project will also involve the construction of a 2.5MW hydropower plant.

Reported earlier

Jul 2020

Kenya; Construction of Koru-Soin multipurpose dam to begin in September

The construction works on the proposed Koru-Soin multipurpose dam on River Nyando, approximately five kilometers upstream of Muhoroni town in Kisumu County, the western region of Kenya, is set to begin in September this year.

This was announced by Mr. Erick Okeyo, the chairperson of the National Water Harvesting Storage Authority(NWCPC)  after a stakeholders’ meeting over the project. Mr. Okeyo said that tenders for the project have been closed for evaluation over the month of August after which the site will be handed over to the best bidder to start the work.

So far the National Environment Management Authority(NEMA) has granted interim approval for the project and the NWHSA is currently working with the National Land Commission to ensure that project-affected persons are compensated for the loss of their land.

Design and expectations for the project

The project covers approximately 2,500 acres of land, equal to a total of 360 parcels of which 230 are in Kisumu county and 130 in Kericho county.

The Koru-Soin multipurpose dam is designed to control flooding, supply water for domestic and industrial consumers in the city of Kisumu and the satellite towns of Ahero, Awasi, Muhoroni, and Koitaburot; supply the existing irrigation schemes of Ahero and West Kano; and, generate power at an associated hydropower plant.

Upon completion, the project is expected to provide 102 000 m3/day of water to a population of 1.71 million and to end water shortages in the neighboring counties of Kericho, Nandi, and Kisumu.

It will also act as a sediment trap, reducing sediment build-up downstream, which is the main cause of flooding, and ensure regulation of the river flow, thus providing water for irrigation all year round. The reservoir will also offer opportunities for fishing and water-based tourism activities.

Aug 2020

Kenya: Tender for construction of Soin-Koru multipurpose dam re-advertised

The government of the Republic of Kenya, through the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority (NWHSA), has re-advertised the tender for the construction of the over US$ 231M Soin-Koru multipurpose dam after previous bidders failed to meet the minimum requirements.

According to a source at the government agency, most of them failed to submit relevant documents to back up their bid, while the few who met the threshold quoted a price that is far above what the government has allocated for the implementation of the mega project.

Prerequisites for the new tender

According to the new tender notice placed by Ms. Sharon Obonyo, the acting Chief Executive Officer for the NWHSA, tenders for the Soin-Koru multipurpose dam must be accompanied by a tender security of approximately US$ 1.9M from a reputable bank approved by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Foreign bidders participating in the tender shall be required to provide written commitment on company letterhead signed by a person with power of Attorney that if successfully awarded, they shall source at least 40% of their supplies from Kenyan citizen suppliers prior to submitting their bids.

Ms. Obonyo also cautioned that those who will quote above the budget estimate will immediately be declared non-responsive.

Bidders have exactly one month from the date of advertisement which is 18th August 2020, to make their submission. Bids will be opened on September 18, 2020, at 9.30 am in the presence of the candidates or their representatives who choose to attend at the NWHSA amphitheater.

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