Solar Powered Al Futtaim Auto Park in Al Ain, Completed

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Amana has announced the completion of the construction of the 14,000 square meters solar PV-powered Al Futtaim Auto Park that during its first year of operation will offset approximately 334 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 

According to the design-build specialist, the auto park features a workshop facility for servicing motor vehicles and a complete showroom. It also boasts a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that can generate an impressive 800 megawatts per hour.

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Al Futtaim Auto Park to be the first of its kind

Located in Al Ain, the Al Futtaim Auto Park which can hold well up to 70 used and new cars on both of its floors, will reportedly be the first automotive facility that is multistory and operates all brands under one roof. It features an end-to-end offering that includes the selling of both commercial vehicles and passenger cars that are also, either used or new.

A statement from Amana noted that the vehicles and passenger cars are also available for renting as well as leasing. CEO to Amana, Jihad Bsaibes, said that the Al Futtaim Auto Park in Al Ain is becoming a signifier of a smarter and most importantly, greener future for the nation. He added that by building the facility with a solar PV system, they combined seamless architectural integration with significant energy production.

As a result, the project has been able to open up new prospects for the deployment of energy that is efficient and renewable. The CEO of Amana also expressed that the solar photovoltaic systems present in the facility, are an essential and effective solution for decarbonizing the construction sector and industry. The initiative and effort being invested towards decarbonizing the construction sector stems from the fact that it is responsible for well over one-third of the global annual greenhouse gas emissions, Jihad concluded.

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