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South Africa to complete phase 1 of Madibeng water plant in 2019

The construction of phase 1 of Madibeng water purification plant, in South Africa is set for completion in 2019. However, a condition will need to be met of providing an additional US $7m in the current financial year for electrical and mechanical works of the plant.

Water and Sanitation Minister Gugile Nkwinti confirmed the reports and said that the total estimated cost for completion of the first phase is approximately US $40m while the estimated cost of the second phase is about US $52m.

“We will need approximately US $40m to see phase 1 come to completion and about US $52m for the second phase,”said Gugile.

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No plans to build additional reservoirs

Additionally, Nkwinti pointed out that there are no plans to build additional reservoirs in Madibeng, owing to existing reservoirs in Letlhabile, Sonop, Maboloka, Mothutlung, Ouskral, Madidi, Mmakau, Jericho and Majakaneng.

Further, new pipelines will be built to carry water to existing reservoirs in Madibeng, with construction projected to begin in the 2019/20 financial year. In addition, the pipeline from the pump station at the Crocodile River to the plant will be completed by the end of the 2018/19 financial year.

70 Megalitres per day

Madibeng Local Municipality owns and operates two Water Treatment Works, treating a combined capacity of 70 Megalitres per day. Water supply is also augmented by the boreholes and Rand water with capacity of 35 Megalitres per day.

Water is abstracted from the Hartbeespoort Dam and it utilises conventional water treatment process which includes coagulation, flocculation, Dissolved Air Floatation, Filtration and Disinfection. The Municipality operates a total of 33 sewer pump-station and 4 water booster pumps.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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