Boost for transport as South Africa constracts bus depot in North Durban

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A total of US$14.64m will be invested in the construction of a new super bus depot in North Durban in Bridge City area, South Africa the eThekwini Municipal Executive Committee has announced.

This project construction comes in as part of the City’s Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) and would be able to accommodate medium size fleet of 170 equivalent 19 meter single articulated buses.

Upon completion, bus depot in North Durban will have administration and accommodation for the support staff and drivers, a refueling station and storage facility. There will also be a washing, cleaning and drying area for buses and a workshop for mechanical operations and any general maintenance that is needed for the buses.

The first phase of the depot under IRPTN will be the C3 corridor which will be from Bridge City in KwaMashu to Pinetown CBD.

Construction of the Super Depot in North Durban will have three smaller feeder depots with the original plan having six smaller depots. This however was reduced to three to cut on costs so as to prevent duplication of the facility’s properties.

Corriodors C2, C9 AND C3 will all need a base depot in the depot in Bridge City area given that it’s the main intermodal and transfer terminal for the region. This super depot will consolidate all the services that would have been offered by the smaller depots.

This constructed project in South Africa is an indicator of the Municipal’s commitment to ensure that communities in the area have access to modern and world class facilities. This will in turn improve the livelihood.