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South Africa launches US $13m substation in Johannesburg

South Africa has officially launched the US $13m Heriotdale Substation in Johannesburg which is set to stand against the city’s power instability experienced by residents, businesses and industries in the south-eastern parts of Johannesburg due to the age and condition of the Cleveland Substation.

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Construction of the new 88/11/6, 6 kV Heriotdale substation started in the year 2015. The construction work, undertaken by CONCO, included earthworks, civil and building works; installation of three 45MVA 88/11kV transformers, two 20MVA 11/6.6kV transformers, thirty-seven 11kV switchgear panels, twenty-six 6.6kV switchgear panels and associated secondary plant and equipment.

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Heriotdale Substation

In addition, CONCO developed 6.6kV feeder board, 6.6kV cables and associated secondary plant and equipment for both Haggie Rand Steel (Scaw Metals Group) and PPC Jupiter (PPC Cements SA) substations which initially supplied power to the Heriotdale area at 20,5 kV, via cables from Cleveland substation.

“Now that the Heriotdale Substation is complete, the load that was initially carried by Cleveland Substation will now be shared between the two substations. Heriotdale Substation will supply areas on the southern side of the M2 freeway including South Hills, Steeldale and City Deep while the counterpart supplies areas on the northern side of the freeway which include Benrose, Denver, Jeppestown and the neighboring areas,” said Mayor Mayor Herman Mashaba who performed the launch ceremony.

A direct current (DC) system and telecommunications equipment, known as Scada, has also been installed in the protection and control to monitor, gather and process real-time data so as to inform City Power technicians for early detection of faults on the network.


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