South Africa to construct a combined-use Menlyn towers

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South Africa is set to develop a combined motor dealership and premium office space dubbed Menlyn Maine Towers, in Pretoria.

According Grant Silverman, Marketing and Leasing Director at Abland one of South Africa’s leading property developers, the building will consists of  a 16 000 mdealership with 12 000 m2 premium A-grade office space above, creating 15 floors in total, with potential for roof top or penthouse offices.

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Menlyn towers

The new development will be on Corobay in Menlyn which will provide occupant with a range of amenities including hotels, gyms and residential units. The project will also ensure motorists have access from both the Atterbury and Garsfontein off-ramps from the N1 freeway.

The office will be enveloped by a seamless glass facade created under a unitized system and there will be a clear visual distinction between the dealership and office components with the dealership  having a double volume glazed facade showroom facing Corobay Avenue.

“We are very excited about this project. Not only will it be the first of its kind in South Africa, where you have a dealership with premium A-grade offices above it, but it will be an incredibly efficient and green building. Additionally, the support from the Menlyn Maine consortium has been very encouraging and this, coupled with its location and design, makes us very confident in the scheme’s success,” said Grant Silverman.

Facet lines will be highlighted at night with light-emitting diode strip lighting installed in the glazed facade. The office floors are designed to accommodate large single and multi-tenanted options with easy access from the ground floor entrance, visitors parking area and the parking floors by four elevators.

The dealership will be expected to start trading by August 2019, while the offices are planned to open by mid-February 2020.It will also use water recycling processes, allowing up to 75% of water to be reused.