South Sudan to develop US $40,000 borehole project

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South Sudan is set to develop borehole construction project at a cost of US $40,000 in the remote villages of Akot Madut and Atoong in bid to resolve water-related problems in the areas.

UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Head of Kuajok field office Anastasie Nyirigira said absence of water in resulted in confrontations between the communities hence while serving to diminish water-related conflicts, the project would also ensure that all internally displaced persons in the area have a chance to access clean drinking water.

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Water crisis

“The project is intended to create a conducive environment for peaceful coexistence between the host community, returnees and the internally displaced persons (IDP) from Manyang-Ngok centre, who fled to Buot in Chuei-Chok. We hope this project will create a lasting water solution for the regions,” said Nyirigira.

The project will be implemented by the Community Initiative for Development Agency (CIDA). Moreover, the project will also enhance gender protection which is the area government’s priority, to reduce necessity for women to walk long distances in search of clean water.

“The implementation process, more specifically the last stage, needs much our commitment which should not only be from UNMISS and CIDA, but rather from you too, the benefiting community. We committed ourselves during the proposal designing stage that we would maintain the stability in the area so that the drilling can go on without any disruption,” said Nyirigira.