Studio One Eleven introduces modular construction for affordable housing

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Studio One Eleven is employing modular construction and designs on projects from West Hollywood-based developer Daylight Community Development to provide more affordable homes to Los Angeles in a speedier and cost-effective manner. Following their initial partnership with Watts Works, a 25-unit affordable housing community, the two businesses are now collaborating on three supportive housing initiatives. According to Studio One Eleven, modular design may lower project expenses by 30% to 35%. Using it also considerably accelerates the process. According to Michael Bohn, senior principal of Studio One Eleven, the state routinely authorizes modular housing projects in 15 to 20 business days, which is far faster than local governments approve traditional projects.

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Bohn said that design firms such as Studio One Eleven continue to undertake site planning as well as initial drawings for the state, and that modular building businesses then make a shop drawing with final details. Once authorized, work may begin at the factories to construct the units while also preparing the terrain. When the units are finished, a crane will bring them in. “It saves a significant amount of time, anything from eight to twelve months on the timeline.” “When it comes to affordable housing, that’s critical,” he remarked.

Other Studio One Modular Construction projects

The Vanowen Apartments, Oatsie’s Place, and McDaniel House are the three new developments Studio One Eleven and Daylight are working on. The Vanowen Apartments are located in North Hollywood at 11604 Vanowen St. The US$21 million facility, which will include 49 permanent supportive housing apartments split across three levels, is anticipated to open in late 2022. According to Studio One Eleven, this is the first of the city’s HHH Housing Innovation Challenge projects to finalize finance and begin building. As of Nov. 23, the HHH Housing Innovation Challenge, which finances supportive housing developments, has already committed US$96 million to 15 projects.