Sweden’s Highway 27 renovation project to begin following appointment of a contractor

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The Swedish Transport Administration has hired Nordic community developer Peab to renovate Sweden’s Highway 27. The road between Backaryd and Hallabro will be rebuilt by Peab as part of the SEK354m ($33.6m) contract. To the east of the town, the company will construct a new road that passes through Backaryd.

Regional manager for Peab, Göran Wiking, stated: “Of course, we’re thrilled to help make the new road more passable and safer for traffic. The fact that the road passes through a region where the terrain necessitates extensive blasting is one of the project’s challenges.

Highway 27 construction in Sweden

The goal of this new road section is to increase both traffic security and the safety of the locals. The entire 7km stretch of road will have a center guardrail to improve passability, decrease accidents, and improve traffic safety.

Karlskrona and Växjö are connected by Highway 27, which continues on to Borås and Gothenburg. The project is anticipated to be finished in the second quarter of 2025. Peab will record the value of this turnkey contract during the final quarter of the fiscal year 2022.

Peab received a contract from Akademiska Hus last month for the construction of offices and exam rooms at Umeå University in Sweden for SEK280m ($26.9m). Additionally, the business was awarded a SEK218 million ($20.73 million) contract to build a brand-new ice skating rink for Alingsåshem in Alingsås, Sweden. Peab has 16,000 employees and net sales of SEK64 billion. Its headquarters are in Förslöv on the Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden.

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Road construction in Sweden

Key characteristics for the nation’s upcoming smart roads are highlighted in a report from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. The nation’s new road links will have significant digital and electric components.

In order to increase sustainability, road construction will also need to take into account the effects of climate change. This is as well to rising urbanization and various power sources including hydrogen fuel and electric vehicle systems.

The report suggests roads should be built with concrete, steel nets, or fiber-reinforced asphalt. This would ensure that roads can withstand high traffic loads and the effects of climate change for a long. Due to climate change factors, additional heating and drainage systems might be needed.