Duwasa sets aside $450,000 to Boost Dodoma Water Supply

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The Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sewage Authority (Duwasa) has set aside a total of $450,000 in its budget to be used for improvement of water supply in Dodoma Municipality.

Duwasa’s internal sources form the main source of funding. The plan will enable the authority to provide enough water. The water is to meet the growing demands of the capital town. Government data shows that already over 2,000 of its servants have already moved to Dodoma.

Duwasa technical manager Kashilimu Mayunga said the demand for water in Dodoma Municipality is currently at 46m litres a day. However, he added that the authority are capable of pumping out an additional 20m litres of water per day.

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Increased water distribution network

He said that as of March last year Duwasa constructed a water distribution network covering 427.3 kilometers within the town. He further added that the plan is to construct 478 kilometers more in order to provide water in new areas.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s $225,000 since enable the implementation of a $391,500 project.   The project will involve extending water networks to new areas that are yet to receive water supply.

The engineer, however, expressed optimism that the completion of the Farkwa Dam Water Project (FDWP) would solve water issues in the entire region. He said the $420 m World Bank funded project would help in storing water. It will have a height of 35 metres with projected total storage of volume of 290,000-850,000 cubic metres.

According to Mr Mayunga, the project will add at least 128m litres to the amount in litres distributed to the municipality in a day.