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Expansion of Tanzania’s Dodoma Airport nears Completion

The current ongoing expansion of Tanzania’s Dodoma Airport is now 80% complete and expected to be complete in a month’s time.
According to Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Professor Makame Mbarawa the contractor has since carried a good work and he expects him to deliver by the end of August.
Mbarawa said that they are looking into ensuring that the normal operation at the airport kicks off as it has been bringing inconvenience to the business operation in the country.

The speed used to rehabilitate the airport will also be applied in the construction of other airports in the country to improve their status. “We believe that with this speed the contractor and supervisor will complete this work as per contractual time to allow big aircraft to land and takeoff.
“We believe in 45 days time the project will be over and we want to call for patience to all the business community using it” he added
The minister added that once the construction of the airport is completed the airport will enable aircraft with capacity of between 70 and 90 passengers to land and take off.
Mr Mbarawa said. Supervisor of the project form Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), Mr Mbila Mdemu, said that rehabilitation and expansion work was being done day and night basing on quality and standard assuring that it will be completed as planned.
“We were given this work; we assure you that it will be completed as per directives/ to allow people surrounding Dodoma Region and neighbouring regions to enjoy the aviation transport,” he said. The work, which is in its final stages, has included rehabilitation of the aircraft parking bay and runways.


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