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Hope for contractors in Tanzania as govt intervenes

Tanzani’s Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, Prof Makame Mbarawa, has said that the government is planning to put in place an enabling and friendly environment for contractors in Tanzania to secure construction projects within the country.

He was speaking in Dar es Salaam when he closed a two-day contractors meeting. The minister said plans were at advanced stage for the government to offer big construction projects to local contractors mainly aimed at building capacity.

“You have got one duty to fulfil which is to give your best in those projects for the country to have enhanced infrastructure on the road to fulfil vision 2025,” he said.

Prof Mbarawa urged contractors to remain faithful and abide to their code of conduct and ensure they deliver high quality product that reflect what they have been paid. He said that unity was very crucial for them to win bigger tenders listed by the government.

He also urged financial institutions to consider lowering interest rates on loans to local contractors so as to enable them to grow and bid for big construction projects inside and outside the country.

He said contractors can tap from the various government projects like the construction of crude oil pipeline from Tanga to Hoima in Uganda as well as the construction of the central railway line.

Engineer Joseph Nyamhanga, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Communications and Transport in charge of Works sector urged local contractors to make sure they utilize all available opportunities in the coming financial year.

Eng Nyamhanga warned the contractors against conducting substandard construction activities. Engaiging in corrupt activities and doing ‘business as usual’, a work stance which usually lowered their work quality and diligence.

Contractors’ Registration Board Chairperson, Eng Consolata Ngimbwa, said contractors in the country would soon start working as a team while implementing government projects.

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She added that the government ought to consider partnering local contractors with foreigners. Forty-six per cent of Development budget of 2016/17 has been set aside for various construction projects in the country.


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