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Mtwara to benefit from India’s US $500m grant for water projects in Tanzania

Mtwara Municiplaity is set to benefit from a US $500m grant from India meant for the implementation of 16 water projects in Tanzania. At least US $87m will go to the Mtwara regional authorities to cater for implementation of water projects.

The Water minister Isack Kamwelwe made the announcement mid-last week while launching three water projects in Mtwara, Masasi and Newala worth approximately US $2m

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The projects will benefit over 42,000 residents. According to the minister, the projects will be run under the cost-sharing arrangement. In the arrangement, a 20-litre bucket of water will cost Sh50. On the other hand, people in special groups like the elderly are singled out. This is because they will be provided with four buckets for free. Previously, due to water scarcity, a similar bucket cost residents US $0.45.

Mr. Kamwele explained that the government wants to see that every member of the public has access to water in a distance of not more than 400m. He further called upon the residents to safeguard the sources of water so as to continue getting the service. In the meantime, he directed water departments to provide more water takers so that the residents could fetch water quickly.

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