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Preparatory work for Tanzania-Zambia power interconnection project begin

The preparatory work for the Tanzania-Zambia (TAZA) power interconnection project has begun in Tanzania ahead of the actual construction works that are expected to commence next year. This is according to Tito Mwinuka, the managing director for Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco).

In a statement, Mwinuka noted that the preparatory work includes obtaining consultancy services to support planning, coordination, and control of procurement from the project’s start to its completion. The MD emphasized that they aim to develop a Gender Action Plan for the TAZA project based on the draft developed by Tanesco to target an increased number of females as part of the recruitment, leadership, and mentorship program designed under the project.

The scope of the project in Tanzania

Tanzania-Zambia power interconnection project in Tanzania consists of the installation of over 620 kilometers of a 400 kV double circuit line. This line will link the regions of Iringa and Sumbawanga in order to connect the north-western electricity grid of the East African country to that of Zambia in the Southern African region.

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It also includes the improvement of Tanesco’s transmission system in readiness for interconnection and corporate commercial management to meet regional energy requirements. Other components of the initiative consist of operational support services, frequency synchronization, tie-line control, protection, metering, and other technical works.

Expectations for the entire TAZA project

The overall objective of the TAZA project is to allow for regional power trade between the Southern African Power Pool and the nascent Eastern Africa Power Pool and increase power supply to underserved areas in both countries.

The interconnector is the final segment of the Ethiopia-Kenya-Tanzania-Zambia regional transmission corridor that is being developed in phases. Upon completion, it is expected to increase power transmission capacity to Tanzania’s southern regions of Lindi, Mtwara, Mbeya, Iringa, Ruvuma, and neighboring Katavi.

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