TARURA sets aside US $354m for roads construction

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Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) has set aside US $354m that would go towards constructing 400km of roads countrywide. According to the Assistant Project Engineer, Raymong Kileo, the project will be implemented under ‘RISE’ project with funds from the World Bank US $298.4m in cooperation with Tanzania government contributing US $50m.

“The six-year project will be a multi-sectoral approach also involving people with disability, the elderly, women and children as stakeholders to also air their views on its smooth implementation,” said Eng Kileo at Mbogwe District Council while launching a project as one of the councils implementing it.

Mbogwe District Executive Director (DED), Elias Kayandabila welcomed the project, saying it will speed up development and provide employment opportunities to the residents, especially in the agricultural sector.

Acting Geita Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Herman Matemu, appealed to the residents to utilise the opportunity by getting employment and safeguard the infrastructures.

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Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) was officially inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa Kassim on 2nd July 2017. The launching of TARURA followed an announcement in the National Gazette with GN 211 of 12nd May 2017.

The Prime Minister directed the TARURA  to kick out rampant corruption that prevails in tender processes, especially for road projects. “Only capable contractors should be hired to execute road projects through competitive tendering,” remarked the Premier. He also ordered TARURA to address poor supervision of construction contracts between contractors and authorities in road projects, emphasizing on transparency in all contracts for public works.

Mr. Majaliwa warned some district council leaders whom he accused of re-channeling funds allocated for roadworks to other projects, reiterating that funds should be used as per the planned projects. He said that TARURA would facilitate improvements of rural and urban road networks, enabling people to transport crops and other items from rural to urban areas.