Tender for rural electrification infrastructure in The Gambia Guinea & Mali

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Governments have launched a joint call for tenders for the establishment of rural electrification infrastructure in The Gambia Guinea & Mali.

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The tender calls for the design, supply, and assembly of electrification infrastructure particularly the installation of 4,961 km of medium voltage lines, 3,609 km of low voltage line, and the construction of 718 transformer stations.

The scope of the project in each of the three countries

In The Gambia, the contract concerns the installation of 496 kilometers of 33/30 kV medium voltage lines, 1,200 km of 415 V low voltage lines, 316 three-phase 33/30 kV / 415 V distribution substations as well as installation of connection equipment to serve 52,000 low voltage households as well as a few large customers. The preferred company will have 24 months to complete the project in this country.

Guinea Bissau on the other hand wishes to set up 1,716 kilometers of three-phase 30 kV medium voltage lines, 74 km of 17.32 kV single-phase medium voltage lines and 931 km of low-voltage lines. 149 three-phase distribution stations and 77 single-phase distribution stations are also planned as well as the installation of terminal connection equipment for 35,000 low-voltage households. The various works will also be carried out over a period of two years.

Finally, the works in Mali will involve the installation of 2,583 km of three-phase medium voltage lines, 92 km of single-phase medium voltage lines, and 1,478 km of low voltage lines. The project in this West African country also includes the installation of 484 three-phase distribution stations, 176 single-phase distribution stations as well as connection terminals for 70,000 low-voltage households. This project will be implemented in a span of 30 months.

Deadline for the submission of proposals

Companies interested in this international call for tenders have until Monday the 25th of January next year, to submit their proposals.

The projects are within the framework of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project.