Upgrade works complete on Line 4 of the Paris Metro in France

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The modernization of Line 4 of the Paris Metro in France has been completed. This is according to Siemens Mobility, a Siemens subsidiary controlled separately. The company worked with RATP and Ile-de-France Mobilités. This was in order to complete the automation of Line 4, which will help centralize control of operations and increase capacity.

RATP will be able to increase frequency by reducing the time between trains from 105 to 85 seconds. This is due to the digitalization and optimization of Line 4. Furthermore, Siemens also installed its CBTC signaling and digitalized communication technologies on Line 4. installation would help in network’s modernization.  Siemens was chosen by RATP in 2015 for the project. Currently, automation of Line 4 has already been put into place. It happened after the completion of a test run without passengers that began in June of this year.

More autonomous driverless shuttles will gradually be introduced into the traffic on the line. Thus they will be able to reach full automation by the end of the next year. The 52 automatic shuttles that will run on Line 4 with its digitalized systems and CBTC signaling were installed by Siemens as part of the project. The installation was also done along with the rails, technical facilities, and technical equipment.

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Line 4 is the second busiest Metro in Paris

In addition to interacting with the onboard and trackside systems, the company also provided the hardware and software for the operation central command (OCC). It manages the signaling system and the traction power supply. Line 4 reportedly transports 700,000 people each day. Thus, it makes it the second busiest metro line in all of Paris. With over a 14km distance, there are 29 stations in it.

Paris has one of the busiest metro systems in the entire world, according to CEO of Siemens Mobility Michael Peter. At GoA 4, our cutting-edge CBTC signaling enables trains to run autonomously, be automatically controlled, and be supervised without any onboard involvement. The dependability and availability of service are improved by this genuinely modern technology, which improves the passenger experience for Line 4’s 700k daily customers.