US$ 313M Clackamas Courthouse to be Developed in Oregon

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Plans are underway for the development of a US$ 313M Clackamas courthouse. The development will replace the county’s aging courthouse in downtown Oregon. The existing 85-year-old courthouse has been deemed functionally obsolete by county officials. Especially since the building is at high risk of partial collapse during seismic events. Another concern was its limited space, which can no longer meet the needs of the county’s growing population.

The Clackamas courthouse will be developed through a public-private partnership(P3). The partnership is between the county and Fengate PCL Progress Partners (FP3). Based on an extensive analysis of several alternatives, the county decided that this unconventional approach would be the most cost-effective.

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In accordance with the contract, FP3 is expected to finance, build and maintain the new Clackamas courthouse building. Thereafter, the county will reimburse  FP3 about Us$ 15M annually over a 30-year period. Upon concluding the payments, the county will have full control of the building and own the property.

Design plans for the new Clackamas courthouse

The new Clackamas courthouse is planned for the Red Soils county campus in Oregon City. This 241,000 square-foot development will feature 14 courtrooms of varied sizes, with room for 2 more. Furthermore, the designs reflected in the building’s early renderings show that its construction will use mostly concrete and steel. Specifically selected to keep the construction costs low. In addition, the design plans also include cross-laminated timber, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a rooftop solar array.

The county is determined to move forward with the Clackamas courthouse project in spite of inflation and higher labor costs. Presently, all components of the proposed courthouse have experienced a significant price increase since last year. Construction costs of the project rose from the previously estimated $189 million in 2021 to $313 million. According to the project’s builder, Mortenson, these fluctuations and supply chain constraints are likely to continue in the near future.

Construction on the new Clackamas courthouse is expected to commence by 2023 and reach completion in 2025. With the county’s projected needs in mind, the new courthouse is expected to serve the region for the next 50 years. Additionally, the building’s design will also adhere to the features defined by the Oregon Judicial Department.