$120M Oregon East Project making impressive progress

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Weyland Ventures has launched plans to expand the most popular entertainment destinations in downtown Dayton. The company intends to invest around $120 million in various projects that have collectively been dubbed “Oregon East Project”.  The project is part of the Oregon District which is an investment compering of shops, restaurants, and bars.

Weyland has had operations in the Oregon District for several years and is planning several projects in its pipeline.

Dayton Motor Car building

This is a 79,000-square-foot facility situated at 15 McDonough St. The company recently spent $18 million to re-develop and transform the building into an office, light industrial, and technology complex.

The 503

The 503 is a new apartment being developed by Weyland as part of the Oregon East Project and is located along the Fourth Street corridor. The project is still under development.

The apartment will be made up of 158 studios, both one and two-bedroom units. However, according to Weyland Project Manager Mary Kate Lindsey, The 503 will primarily be for one-bedroom units and studio apartments.

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

Around a year ago, Weyland acquired the site on which this former church building and intends to build a live entertainment joint at the venue.  The project’s timeline was affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic although there are plans to have its plan included in the final development. There are also proposals to have the building turned into an office space.

Flightline Park

Weyland is also developing a new park called Flightline Park in a public-private partnership with the city of Dayton. It is also part of the Oregon East project. This project is still under planning stage and yet to move full execution.

The Wheelhouse

This is a 59,000-square-foot, mixed-use property located in the Oregon District and was the first project that the company completed in the area. The project features 40 apartment units plus 13,000-square-foot of commercial space that have been leased to various businesses.